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Tenancy Information

You will have your own Housing Officer or Support Officer who looks after your area or scheme. They look after many aspects of your tenancy – helping through the moving in process, rent payments, neighbourhood issues, pets, changes to your tenancy, consultation about any changes affecting you, advice if you need a move, For more information about your tenancy agreement, types of tenancy, your tenancy rights, pets, alterations, changing the name on a tenancy click here

  • When you move in you will have a clear Tenancy Agreement setting out all your rights and responsibilities
  • We respond promptly to your requests for repairs which are our responsibility, and our contractors make an appointment to suit you
  • We give you full details of your rent and any other charges, and support and advice if you’re struggling to meet your payments
  • We plan regular work such as estate services, servicing and safety checks of gas appliances, external paintwork, programmes of major work such as replacing kitchens and bathrooms

Moving in

Welcome to your new home! To make sure everything goes smoothly when you move in, there are several things you need to arrange – for more information to help your move go smoothly, read our Moving In Standard or  click here for our Tenancy Handbook Moving In checklist .

Moving out

When you want to end your tenancy, you must give us 4 weeks’ notice in writing, starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. Shortly after you give us Notice, we will visit you to let you know if you need to do any repairs, decorating or other work before you move out. We will confirm all this in writing. For more information read our Moving On Standard about what happens next or click here for your Tenancy Handbook.

Please contact us if there’s anything else we can do to help. 

Repairs and Maintenance CHS is responsible for providing a repair and maintenance service to customers. This includes day-to-day repairs, defects on new properties, major improvements and service contracts. Emergency repairs should be reported directly to CHS on 0300 111 3555. Report an emergency repair Report a non-emergency repair via myCHS or via our online form

Report a non-emergency repair

For more information about our Responsive Repairs Policy click here

NEW – You can now send photos of the repairs you have reported to our contractor Foster,  to help them better understand the issue


WhatsApp 07377 989073

Please include your address when you send through the photos

What you need to tell us

  • When you report a repair, please tell us: Your name (and the tenant’s name if you are phoning on their behalf)
  • The address of the property
  • A contact phone number, including a mobile number if you have one
  • A clear description of the problem
  • When we can get access to do the work
  • Any special circumstances, for example, if you or someone who lives with you needs time to get to the door

As your landlord we are responsible for maintaining and repairing the structure of your home plus plumbing, heating and electrical services. However, as a tenant you are responsible for some repairs. Please contact us to discuss any repairs prior to getting them fixed.

Repairs - Tenant's Responsibility

Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Any blockages to sinks, baths, showers, toilets, drains
  • Plug and chain to sink, bath
  • Shower rail, curtain, hose and head
  • Toilet seat, mirrors, cabinet, toilet roll holder, towel rail
  • Curtain rails, poles, tracks and hooks
  • Fitted carpets and laminate flooring
  • Minor plastering – cracks/holes up to 3mm wide
  • Internal decoration
  • Hat and coat rails and hooks
  • Telephone socket
  • Cup hooks, hanging racks and shelves
  • Alterations to install your own appliances or fittings
  • Your own appliances, fittings, plugs, leads etc.
  • Gas and electric meter, supply and meter boxes
  • Removing radiators while decorating
  • Light bulbs, fuses, florescent tubes and starters, dimmer switches
  • TV aerials and socket
  • Satellite TV dish
Windows and doors
  • Loose or damaged internal door handles, hinges and locks
  • Adjusting doors for carpets
  • Lost or damaged keys, jammed or snapped off in locks, internal doors and window locks
  • Glazing in windows and doors
  • Door knockers, bells and numbers
  • Repairs to damage caused by forced entry if you get locked out
  • Lost door keys
  • Garden maintenance, removal of rubbish
  • Replacement to locks and padlocks to garages and outbuildings
  • Clothes posts, lines and rotary driers
  • Water butts

For more information about repairs please click here

Rents and charges Rented homes

If you rent your home, the basic weekly rent is set using guidelines set by government policy. This also determines the rate at which your rent can change each April. Your tenancy agreement sets out the rent at the beginning of your tenancy, and the rules for changing it each year.

Service Charges

Depending on where you live you may be charged for communal services. This may include communal gardening, window cleaning, heating, lighting and furnishings or equipment in communal sitting rooms. Where service charges apply we provide a schedule each year showing each charge. Charges are calculated based on costs likely to occur during the year and are set every April. Most service charges are covered by housing benefit, except for personal heating and water.


We aim to provide services that you need because you are paying for them. When we propose to alter services we will consult you. If you think the service level should change, let us know and we can consult all your neighbours who would be affected. If you have questions or comments about your communal services please contact your Housing Officer.

Water and Sewerage Charges

Many residents receive their own water bill, payable directly to the water company. Where facilities are shared (eg in a block of flats) one water meter may be shared by everyone – in which case CHS adds a weekly charge to your rent. The charge is based on actual cost, so reducing water use means lower charges. Housing Benefit does not cover water charges. However, if you have three or more children, receive certain welfare benefits and have a water meter installed, the “Watercare tariff” will reduce costs. The water company can arrange it for you: Cambridge Water PLC – 01223 403000 Anglian Water PLC – 0800 919155

Paying your rent and charges

Rent and service charges for your home are due on Monday each week in advance. Fortnightly or monthly payments are also paid in advance. Check your rent statement and service charges via myCHS Go to myCHS

Ways to pay:

Direct debit Payments taken directly from your bank/building society account. Choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or calendar monthly on a day that suits you. To set one up, or change your current direct debit, call  our customer service team on 0300 111 3555. allpay Although Direct Debit is the best way to make your routine payments, allpay rent payment cards give you plenty of choice when making an ad hoc payment. You can also use your allpay payment card or debit card to pay over the phone on 0844 557 8321. You can also download the app or pay online here.

Post Office or Paypoint locations Again, Direct Debit is the normal payment method to use however you can use your allpay card to make any extra payments at local corner shops and petrol stations that display the ‘Paypoint’ or ‘PAY Zone’ logo or at the Post Office.

Tenancy Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my rent?

The ideal way is by Direct Debit, which takes about 2 weeks to set up after your first payment which you can pay by cheque when you get your keys.

Does CHS carry out repairs and if so, which repairs?

Please see the tenancy handbook which will tell you which repairs are your responsibility and which repairs CHS is responsible for.

Does CHS offer contents insurance?

It is your responsibility to get your home contents insured and we have teamed up with Thistle Insurance and you can find more information here

Does CHS maintain the gardens?

No, you are responsible for keeping your front and back gardens clear and tidy.

How much notice do I have to give if I want to move out?

You will need to submit written notice of four weeks starting from the first available Monday.

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