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Supported Housing

What is Supported Housing?

CHS Community Support Services believe in people, their capacity to succeed and to overcome setbacks.

So if life is difficult at the moment maybe because of one or some of these common situations, we can help:

  • Homelessness or threatened with losing your home
  • No money, trouble claiming welfare benefits or finding employment
  • Difficult or abusive relationships
  • Mental ill health
  • Learning disabilities or autism
  • Alcohol or drugs use to self-medicate
  • Feeling vulnerable, unsafe or at risk
  • Unable to cope

We can support you to get control of your life and make positive choices that will help you get on your feet and have a better future.

We can support you to play to your strengths and help develop your ability to tackle things that are a challenge. We believe that we all can:

  • Recover from difficulties we have experienced and find mental wellbeing
  • Make the most of our own abilities and discover our potential
  • Learn skills for independence and how to stay independent
  • Get and stay housed
  • Feel included in our community and have supportive others in our lives

Getting in touch with our inner strength, or learning new skills, is not always easy and if this is the case then you can benefit from our supported housing and floating support services.

Services and support available

Young People aged 16+

We provide accommodation and support for young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

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Women's Services

We offer accommodation and support to women at risk of homelessness either because of mental ill health or because they are fleeing domestic abuse.

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People with Learning Disabilities and Autism

We provide accommodation and support for people with learning disabilities around Cambridgeshire.

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People with Mental Health Needs

We work with other local charities to provide housing and support for adults with mental health needs.

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Former Rough Sleepers

We work in partnership with other charities to provide housing with support to people who have experienced street homelessness.

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Community Support Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supported Housing?

Supported housing provides support and accommodation to enable people to overcome issues they have experienced and help get their lives back on track. Our services support people to recover and learn the skills to move on and live more independently in the community.

Do I receive support?

The amount and content of the support will vary according to the needs and aspirations of each person and the agreements we make with them, their advocates and other agencies. Typically support will cover communication skills, money management and welfare benefits, employment, education and training, accessing social and leisure activities, creating positive relationships with other people, health and wellbeing, independent living skills, staying safe, parenting skills,and moving on to permanent housing.

Is furniture provided?

Each room is furnished at least with a bed, clothes storage, floor covering and curtains. Communal areas are fully furnished.

Am I allowed my own furniture?

Yes, you are allowed to have your own furniture as long as it is in safe hygienic condition, and can fit into your room alongside the furniture provided.

How many people will I have to share with?

In shared accommodation the bathrooms, kitchens and living room are shared, usually by a maximum of 4/5 people, and you have your own bedroom. In self-contained accommodation, you will have your own bathroom and kitchen.

Do I need to be in my flat/room at a certain time?

You do not have to be in your flat/room at a particular time, though we require you to be considerate of other residents and neighbours if returning late at night.

Are the buildings and the flats safe?

All of our properties are well maintained and meet health and safety and fire regulations. Most properties also have CCTV to enhance security.

Can I keep my pet or will I be allowed to have a pet in the future?

Pets are generally not allowed, but special permission from the Service Manager may be granted on occasion. You would need to show that you can look after the pet properly and that there will be no impact on other residents. Permission may be refused if the pet is deemed to be unsafe or hazardous or would cause a nuisance or disturbance to other residents.

Is there a communal lounge and garden?

There is a communal lounge and garden or patio in all of our shared accommodation.

Which social activities are available?

This varies depending on the individual service and which activities and interests appeal to the residents. These may be anything from meals, trips to the cinema/bowling/theatre/gym, gardening, film/DVD nights, art, music, fundraising etc. For example, Railway House participates in the Mill Road Winter Fair and Fenland Young People’s Service made things to sell one year at the Wisbech Rock Festival.

Can my friends and family visit?

We welcome visitors, subject to some age restrictions. Visitors also need to provide full personal ID information.

What is the rent and service charge?

This varies, depending on the individual service costs. We will provide you with the details on request.

Can I have my own television and phone in my flat/room?

Yes. If you have your own TV then a license fee is usually payable, unless you qualify for a concessionary license.

Is there an internet connection?

All of our services have a shared internet connection that provides some Wi-Fi in communal areas. If you use the internet a lot, you can pay to install your own connection.

Are my friends allowed to stay in my room/flat?

Guests are welcome for occasional overnight stays, and by prior agreement with the staff according to the service procedure.

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