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Anti Social Behaviour

We are committed to helping our residents enjoy peace and security in their homes. Nuisance and anti-social behaviour causes alarm and distress. We act quickly to help prevent and tackle such behaviour.

If a neighbour is causing a nuisance and you cannot sort it out by talking to them, you can contact your Housing Officer.  We will listen to you and explain how we can help. We may advise you about other ways of dealing with the problem such as contacting an environmental health officer, the police or the mediation services. We will consider formal or legal action if appropriate.

Many cases can be resolved by communication and advice before they become too serious.

We investigate and take action to stop harassment committed by residents, members of their household or visitors.

Click here to view our Anti Social Behaviour and Harassment Policy

Harassment is an acute form of anti-social behaviour as it is targeted against a specific person. Any reports will be dealt with within 24 hours and we will agree an action plan with you.

As doorbell cameras and domestic CCTV have become more commonplace, you may wish to find some guidance on your own responsibilities and those of your neighbours. Click here for advice from the Information Commissioner’s website.

Report anti-social behaviour online

Report a new issue, or update an existing case using a diary sheet.

For guidance on reporting anti-social behaviour – please click here.

More information can be found in the tenancy handbook by clicking here

You can also report ASB via our online contact form below.

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Anti Social Behaviour - Frequently Asked Questions

Am I experiencing harassment or a hate crime?

Harassment or a hate crime is unwanted behaviour directed to a person or group of people that is offensive or causes anxiety, alarm or distress. click here for more information.

If the incident is serious and involves a crime, violence or threats you should contact the police immediately.

How do I deal with anti-social behaviour (ASB)?

CHS will not accept any form of anti-social behaviour and there are lots of different ways you can ease the situation. click here for more information.

What can I do if I don’t get on well with my neighbour?

CHS is committed to making sure every tenant enjoys a peaceful and happy environment to live in and there are ways to minimise conflict with you neighbour. We can offer independent mediation between neighbours which has proved successful in the past. Click here for more information.

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