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Women’s services – Corona House

At Corona House in Cambridge, we offer supported housing for adult women, who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Some women have experienced physical or mental ill-health, separation from their family, domestic abuse or harassment. 

If you require Domestic Abuse services and a Women’s Refuge, please visit the our domestic abuse services page

To read what our residents say about living here click here

You can apply to our service online by completing our housing referral form and if you want to contact a member of our team you can email us at 

Corona House is a partner of the Streets to Home partnership ( with Riverside Housing, Jimmys, CGL (Change, Grow, Live) Winter Comfort and Cambridge Cyrenians) whose services aim to put people in control so they can make lasting improvements, live independently, feel part of their community, make informed choices and access meaningful activity to build structure and self-worth in their lives.

Corona House offers: 

  • 6 self-contained flats, with bedroom, kitchen/diner and bathroom 
  • One to one support from a dedicated support worker 
  • A wide range of activities through our Corona Community, including social, wellbeing and leisure sessions, creative workshops and trips out 
  • A safe, nurturing and healing environment 
  • Personalised support to work towards your aspirations 
  • Support staff on site daily each week Monday to Friday, and an emergency call point to speak to an advisor at other times. 
  • Privacy, confidentiality, dignity, independence, choice and personal rights 
  • Communal kitchen, laundry facilities, meeting/activity rooms, use of our allotment, bicycle shed and patio garden 
  • Wi-Fi 

What type of support will I get at Corona House?

Whilst at Corona House our experienced staff will give you support tailored to your needs including:

  • Support and motivation to make positive changes and recover
  • Getting into daytime activities, training, education and employment
  • Setting up home and settling in
  • Help with family relationships and making friends
  • Support to develop emotional intelligence, self-understanding, remove blocks to personal progress, enable recovery from issues experienced, and encouragement to develop your own personal identity
  • Life skills and becoming more independent
  • Coping skills and strategies
  • Staying safe
  • Advice and support regarding physical and mental health, diet, substance misuse, contraception, sexual health, domestic and other forms of abuse
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Advice and support to claim welfare benefits
  • Understanding occupancy agreements and obligations, and keeping your tenancy
  • Support with moving on to suitable accommodation
  • Continued resettlement/outreach support after moving on from Corona House
  • Membership of Corona Community

Eligibility and applying for a place at Corona House

The supported housing service at Corona House is available for women aged 18+ who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and who are in need of support. Priority will be given to those who have a local connection to the area. You can apply using our online digital form here. 

Corona House - Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay at Corona House?

The usual length of stay is around 18 months and, when ready, we help you find suitable accommodation to move on to, which may be your own room in a shared house or your own flat. 

How do I apply for a place at Corona House?

You are welcome to visit us or call us on 01223 360125 to find out more. You can apply for a place yourself using our online form or be referred by an agency you already have contact with. If you need help with this, please contact us and we will assist you through the application process 

What happens once I’ve applied?

Once we receive your application we will ask you to meet with us so you can talk about what you want. An assessment of your support requirements will need to be carried out by two members of our staff who will meet with you and your referrer if applicable. 

How are places at Corona House allocated?

All applications and assessments are discussed within the team meeting.  You will be called by a member of the team to let you know if we feel the service is a good fit for you and then you will be added on our waiting list.  Places are offered depending on support and housing need.  If we do not feel the service is right for you, we will tell you why and suggest alternative services for you to try if we can. We are part of the Streets to Homes Partnership in Cambridge City and all referrals to all services are raised at a weekly meeting for discussion. This ensures that referrals are directed to the most appropriate service. As Corona House  is a small service, we are quite often full. In this case, we would offer you the opportunity to be referred into the wider Partnership 

Can I appeal if I don’t get offered a place?

You have the right to appeal. You or your referrer must write to the Service Manager within 14 days of receiving the rejection letter/email giving reasons why you think the decision was wrong. If the Service Manager thinks your application should be reconsidered, then your application will be looked at again at the next Team meeting and also the Steets to Homes  Partnership Referral meeting. If the Service Manager does not think your reasons for appealing are justified, your appeal will be passed to the Community Support Manager at CHS who will arrange an appeal hearing. You have the right to have someone with you at the appeal hearing 

How much will I have to pay to live at Corona House?

You will need to pay the rent and any service charges. If you are not in work, we will support you  to apply for Housing Benefit towards these costs. The cost of the support service is funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and the Evelyn Trust. If you are employed, we will look at the situation with you to assess how much Housing Benefit you will be entitled toThis depends on how much you earn, and each case will be different.  

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