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Tenant Satisfaction

Here at CHS, we aim to deliver excellent services that exceed our tenants’ expectations and provide value for money for them.  We prioritise listening to our tenants to understand their needs and offering services which meet those needs.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) help us to better understand what we’re doing well and what we need to improve our services 

Key results

Overall satisfaction – 79.1%

Satisfaction that CHS treats tenants fairly and with respect – 82.1%

Satisfaction with overall repair service – 72.8%

Satisfaction that the home is safe – 80.8%

Satisfaction that CHS listens to tenant’s views and acts on them – 66.7%

Satisfaction with CHS’ approach to handling complaints – 42.3%

In 2023 the Regulator for Social Housing created a new system for assessing how well social landlords are doing in providing good quality homes and services. The Regulator introduced a set of 22 TSMs, which include 12 key measures of how satisfied you are with CHS. The themes for the TSMs are:  

  1. Keeping properties in good repair 
  2. Maintaining Building Safety 
  3. Respectful and helpful engagement 
  4. Effective handling of complaints 
  5. Responsible neighbourhood management 

Once a year we invite every household to complete our Satisfaction Survey. If we hold an email address for you, we email a link to an online survey. We send some of these every month, usually in the month of your birthday. If we don’t have an email address for you we will send a text message, or a paper copy of our survey. If you complete the survey, we enter you into our prize draw with a chance to win £250. We ask a few extra questions that the Regulator doesn’t require us to ask, for example to find out whether you think your rent and service charges are good value for money.  

This summary applies to our rented homes only and we review the surveys results for our shared owners separately. We received 513 survey replies between April 2023 and March 2024. 

We reviewed whether the responses we received were representative of our tenants  by local authority area, housing type, age and ethnic background. We didn’t find the satisfaction levels varied significantly between these groups and so we have not adjusted them.  


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