Our two services that provide housing and support for looked after children at ‘120’ in Cambridge and ‘204’ in Wisbech, allow children who used to be in care to be supported near to their communities. Here is a letter received from one of them:

‘I would like to say a big thank you to 204.  Before I came to you, I was a violent angry kid – I was kicked out of more than one school and out of 4 foster homes.  I once spent a whole night in a police cell and was all round just a horrible kid.  You guys helped me though it and gave me a hand out of the hole I was in.  Look at me now – I’m so different – my temper is better and under control and I’m all round a happier kid.  I’ve turned my life around with the help of 204, also known as my second family.  Thanks for all the time you guys put into me and to help me be a better person to be around.  I love you all 204, you’re my family, maybe not blood, but my heart family.’