CHS Group has been praised for its continued hard work by the ‘matrix Standard’, the international quality standard agency for advice and support services.

In the Group’s latest inspection of its financial advice, training and employment, customer involvement and time banking services, it demonstrated that it continued to meet the matrix Standard well. The matrix Standard stated that since its previous assessment, the organisation has carried out “a great deal of continuous improvement activity by focusing on the areas in the previous report, as well as its drive to develop its service provision.”

Nigel Howlett, Chief Executive of CHS, said: “Our employees work really hard to ensure our services are the best they possibly can be, and I’m glad that their hard work has been officially recognised. All of us at CHS are passionate about supporting customers and helping to improve lives, and hearing such positive feedback from our customers is very rewarding.”

According to the report, this ethos was clearly evident at all levels within the organisation. It stated: “It is this passion, driven by customer needs, that has driven the staff to investigate and develop the service with partners, so that despite funding reductions, the service to CHS customers can be maintained.”

All the customers interviewed demonstrated a real appreciation for the support provided by CHS, clearly reflected by one customer: ”CHS switched the light on at the end of the tunnel for us.”

The report also found good evidence that the organisation is being well led strategically. It stated that there are clear objectives and aims that cascade down from the highest levels throughout the Group.