On Saturday 21 September, we hosted a community celebration event at our Sunflower Nursery in Cambourne. Parents and children, those involved in the Cambourne Timebanking scheme, and the wider community, were invited to the Nursery for a fun-filled afternoon of games and activities.

During the event, we had the opportunity to speak to families about, and raise awareness of, the Subsidised Childcare available at both our Sunflower Nursery Cambourne, and Sunflower Nursery Cambridge. The Subsidised Childcare offers financial assistance with the cost of nursery places for families with low incomes that are in need of childcare. 

Nursery staff taking part in Pirate themed activities

Andrew Church, CHS Group, comments: “Many families will face financial barriers when it comes to accessing childcare. It can become a vicious circle when families cannot afford childcare and are then unable to go to work, or engage in education or training, because they need to stay at home to look after their children. We aim to support as many families as possible to access childcare at our nursery. All families who meet the eligibility criteria are welcome to apply, and all applications are then reviewed by the Sunflower Subsidy Panel which agrees funding according to a rigorous points system based on the needs level of each family.

“It’s been fantastic to welcome the Cambourne community to our nursery for a weekend of celebrations. CHS Group has been managing the nursery for more than ten years and we hope to continue to welcome a diverse range of families for years to come.”

Sunflower Nursery staff and Timebankers

For more information about Subsidised Childcare at Sunflower Nurseries, please visit: www.chsgroup.org.uk/childrens-nurseries/