If you’re on a low income then Cambridge Water may be able to support you in paying your water bill by offering a discount on your water charges. 

If you have a household income of less than £16,105 per year (around £309.71 a week), then you may qualify for a discount on your water bill.  For households with dependent children living at the property, an additional £1,500 per dependent child will be added to the household income threshold.  For example, two dependent children would mean total household income would be £19,105 (£16,105 + £1,500 + £1,500).  The Assure tariff doesn’t include income from the following benefits:

Disability living allowance, personal independence payment, attendance allowance, housing benefit (or housing element of universal credit), council tax benefit (not 25% single occupancy reduction), carer’s allowance, disabled child or severely disabled child element of child tax credit.

To apply, an application form can be downloaded from Cambridge Water website www.cambridge-water.co.uk or call 01223 706050

Cambridge Water also keep a Priority Services Register of people who have disabilities or who need a constant supply of water due to a medical condition so that if there is a disruption to their water supply, for example due to a burst main, Cambridge Water can provide them with water as quickly as possible. More information can be obtained on the web site and on the number above.