RAAC components has been identified as a risk in some buildings constructed between the 1950s and 1980s. It was used in roof, floor and wall construction, typically in public buildings such as schools and hospitals, however, it may have been used in other buildings constructed in the 60s and 70s, particularly for flat roofs.

In response to recent public information about the structural performance of RAAC, we have assessed our stock profile and categorised all CHS buildings built between 1950 and 1989, that have a flat roof structure.

This has identified that CHS owns 0 houses and 1 purpose-built block, that meet both criteria, and following a site visit by our surveyors, it has been confirmed that RAAC has not been used in the construction of this building.

Therefore, CHS can confirm that it is very unlikely that any of its buildings contain RAAC however, we will continue to carry out regular stock condition surveys to monitor the condition of our buildings and to assist in identifying and managing potentially defective materials.

If any customers are concerned about any structural repairs, please contact us immediately on 0300 111 3555 or email us on info@chsgroup.org.uk to report this.

Further guidance about RAAC in public buildings can be found here