We are always trying to find new ways to help you manage your rent account, which is why, from September, we will be trying out a new way of getting in touch if something doesn’t add up.

To help us contact all our customers with rent overdue, we will be using a new system that will automatically call those customers when a Customer Service Adviser is free to talk.

If you are contacted this way you will hear a message informing you that there is an issue with your rent account and then give you an option to talk to us, right there and then, free of charge.

If you are willing to speak to us, you will be connected to a trained member of staff will be able to tell you why we have called and what you can do to clear any arrears on your account – including what support we can offer.

If you choose not to talk to us when we call, we will automatically move on to the next customer and try you again later.

We hope that using this new system will mean that we can inform you as soon as possible, preventing you from unknowingly going into debt and helping you get the advice and support you need, if you do.

Our Customer Service Advisers will be able to:

  • Explain why we have called and how much you owe
  • Set up or amend an any day Direct Debit
  • Advise whether you are keeping to an agreement
  • Set up an affordable payment agreement
  • Provide information to help with your Universal Credit claim
  • Arrange for a Money Matters Adviser to give you a call

The number that we will be calling from is 01223 791 080