CHS are looking to recruit a new tenant or service user board member to join the CHS Board.  Our team is made up of experienced individuals with extensive knowledge of the different elements of housing provision, management and social enterprise. 

As an existing tenant or service user, you would offer an invaluable perspective, and input into the running of CHS including ensuring the viability and governance of the organisation as well as having the opportunity to work on a variety of internal committees.

Board members may be paid for their work in accordance with CHS’s agreed policy and members currently receive an allowance of £2,500pa.

For more details about the role please click here to view the job profile or watch our video of our Chair Nicola Scrivings discussing the role with our current tenant board member Tendai Kariwo


If you are interested in applying please contact Laura Papanikolaou on 0300 1113542 or email