CHS recently decided to run a day centre at Dunstan Court extra care scheme in Cambridge, to enable residents and people from the local community to get together to chat, make new friends and take part in various activities. The scheme also provides lunch which is much welcomed by those who have difficulties in managing to cook for themselves.

The communal area where they meet was open to a main corridor at the scheme, offering no privacy. The Property Services team was tasked with finding a low-cost solution to this problem, that also met the expectations of the wider customer group.

The team came up with a plan for some useful room dividers, which retained the open feel of the space, whilst also providing some privacy, as well as additional storage space and the scheme’s own distinctive decorative touches.
Staff, residents and day centre attendees from the community love the changes: ‘it’s made a real difference to the atmosphere – we’re now able to chat freely, without disturbing anyone, but still feel part of the wider scheme.’