Advice that changes your life…

“Nearly four years ago I lost my mother to cancer and I was allowed the chance to take over the tenancy of our CHS house. At such a young age, in sixth form and with little money, I and many others were very worried about how I would manage. I thought I could do this on my own but had little idea of how to.

“This is where CHS offered me the chance to meet somebody from the Money Matters team. The lady I met was lovely and seemed to really care, which gave me the confidence that I could manage my little finances and make a go at living on my own and proving myself to everyone else.

“The service offered many great forms of advice. Firstly we discussed budgeting and I was taught how to budget and save money in ways I had never imagined. By making budgeting plans in the structure you suggested I have been able to plan my finances, pay my bills and have the occasional treat too! I realised how I was wasting money on pointless expenses and these tips helped me to control my finances and will use for the rest of my life.

“The Money Matters team helped me to find a charity that would pay for some of my rent, education supplies and transport. With this help I was able to progress to university, something I would of otherwise been able to afford. With this help I had the money to live, get an education and give myself a fighting chance at making something of myself.

“They also found a local organisation that offered huge discounts to those in need and I was able to get a computer desk, a table and a cabinet to file all of my university work and bills. I sit here today at the young age of 21 with four years of household and financial experience, about to start my first proper job since university. This may not seem like much to some but this would not have been possible with the help Money Matters provided for me.

“With all of the advice offered, I was able to grow up, find the right help and make a go of providing for myself in this sometimes difficult world. Now I am not saying this is a magical cure and it does take some work, but this service and their advice can serve you the purpose of changing your life and managing your money in order to have a better life.”