Working with CHS, the Cambridgeshire Local Assistance Scheme (CLAS) is appealing to the general public and local businesses to donate their unwanted white goods to the scheme, to support people who are experiencing financial difficulty.

The current CLAS scheme was launched in April 2017 and provides information, advice, and practical support to people in times of hardship and exceptional pressure. Each individual has to undertake an assessment to ensure they are eligible for a CLAS award, which can include recycled white goods in good condition, furniture and paint, new white goods, and supermarket vouchers, in times of emergencies. As the need increases for this support, the enlisted recycled goods partners are finding it harder to source white goods in good working order and a call has been put out for donations.

Gerry Cano, CLAS project manager, said: “Our aim is to help as many people as possible, who are experiencing the pressures of life and need support to get back on their feet. With such high demand for recycled white goods – we are reaching out to the general public and local businesses for donations of unwanted white goods, which are in good working order”

CLAS recently helped the Smith family when Mr Smith was referred to CLAS by his housing officer after he was made redundant out of the blue and had no savings to fall back on. As he had not worked for the company for over two years, he did not qualify for any redundancy payment. Mr Smith had applied for jobs and was hopeful of getting one, although needed help in the meantime to support his wife and a young child.

Following an assessment Mr Smith received a CLAS award of £200 in supermarket vouchers. The vouchers enabled the family to buy food and clothes, and also meant the family could spend what was left of their income on the rent. He also received help with benefits entitlement of Job Seekers and Housing Benefit and was advised how to make the claims.

Mr Smith, said: “CLAS really helped me and my family get through a difficult time. We were struggling a lot and didn’t know where to turn. They really, really helped. We were able to buy two weeks shopping – without the help we received we would have had to rely on hand-outs from friends and family, which would not have been very nice at all.”

If you are a local business looking to support CLAS, please contact: or call 07834 750 676

For members of the general public looking to make donations of white goods, please contact the following and arrangements will be made to collect them:

Cambridge City, South Cambs or East Cambs area –

Cambridge Re-Use 01223 576 535

Hunts & Fenland area-

Octavia’s Furniture Project 01354 650 860 (1.00pm – 4.00 pm, Mon – Fri)

CHS is a lead partner of CLAS, working with Cambridge and District Citizens Advice Bureau, Citizens Advice Rural Cambridgeshire, Cambridge Re-use, Ferry Project and CCORRN.

Picture – Staff at Cambridge Re-Use with donated white goods