Two months on from their second sponsored Raise the Roof Sleep Out, CHS have been distributing some of the £13,000 raised to help a number of their vulnerable young residents.

CHS provides ongoing support and accommodation to young people who are vulnerable to homelessness and the Raise the Roof campaign aims to provide extra funding in order to offer extended support to residents facing challenging situations.

CHS are pleased to announce where some of the money raised has been distributed and hope it demonstrates how a relatively small amount of money can make a big difference to young people:

  • £57 awarded to ‘Peter’, 17, to get the necessary residency permit that allowed him to apply and receive benefits
  • £56.70 awarded to cover travel expenses for ‘Susan’, 19, to attend college for a month so she can continue studying at West Anglia College – after she has a month’s long attendance she can apply for a college bursary for future travel expenses so that she can finish her studies
  • £57.50 awarded to cover travel expenses for ‘Collette’, 20, who has mobility issues, so that she can take part in some regular voluntary work with Turtle Dove Cambridge that she can add as work experience on her CV
  • £115.20 awarded to ‘Ella’, a young expectant mother who is fleeing domestic violence, who due to her condition is required to have daily scans and appointments at the hospital. If she had to pay the travel expenses herself it will only leave her with £89 a month to live on until her baby is born in June

CHS would like to thank everyone who has supported the Raise the Roof campaign and staff will continue to raise funds throughout the year via their JustGiving page.