Financial Information

Financial Information and Value for Money

CHS Group has prepared a Value for Money self-assessment 2016-17 which aims to demonstrate to our stakeholders how we are achieving value for money in delivering our business purpose and objectives and how we are meeting the Value for Money Standard within the Regulatory Framework.

Our aim is to enable stakeholders to understand the return on assets measured against our objectives, set out the costs of delivering specific services and evidence the value for money gains that have been and will be made. A summary of the assessment is included in the CHS Group Financial Statements 2017 and in the Annual Report. Our Value for  Money Strategy aims to deliver the corporate objectives as set out in the Corporate Plan.

CHS is a society registered for the benefit of the community with the FCA under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, HMRC Charity no X81275.

CHS complies fully with the National Housing Federation’s 2015 Code of Governance and its 2012 Code of Conduct.

Income & Expenditure Account


2017 £m: 31.2
2016 £m:  28.6

Operating costs

2017 £m: (22.7)
2016 £m: (22.1)

Operating surplus

2017 £m: 8.5
2016 £m: 6.5

Operating surplus margin

2017 £m: 27%
2016 £m: 23%

Net surplus on sale of housing assets

2017 £m: 0.7
2016 £m: 0.5

Net interest charge

2017 £m: (5.1)
2016 £m: (5.3)

Surplus for the year

2017 £m: 4.3
2016 £m: 1.7

Net surplus margin

2017 £m: 13.8%
2016 £m: 5.9%

Balance sheet

Housing properties at cost less depreciation

2017 £m:198.7
2016 £m:197.3


Intangible assets

2017 £m: 0.3
2016 £m: 0.0

Other fixed assets

2017 £m: 8.1
2016 £m: 8.1


2017 £m: 0.8
2016 £m: 0.6

Net current assets

2017 £m: 3.3
2016 £m: 4.0


2017 £m: 211.2
2016 £m: 210.0

Creditors due after more than one year

2017 £m:106.0
2016 £m:108.6

Social housing grants

2017 £m: 79.4
2016 £m: 80.1


2017 £m: 25.8
2016 £m: 21.3


2017 £m: 211.2
2016 £m: 210.0

Board remuneration

Board members may be paid for their work in accordance with CHS’s agreed policy. Although pay arrangements must be agreed by the Board, the mechanism for determining pay will be independent, either through the use of an independent advisor or through using independent guidance and industry norms. The Board will review levels of payment every three years.

Levels of Payment

From October 2016,the following levels of payment apply:

  • Board Chair, Nicola Scrivings, £6,500
  • Committee Chairs, £3,250
  • Board Members, £2,500

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