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What People Say About Our Services…

At CHS we believe that the way we delivery a service is just as important as the service itself and so we are always pleased to receive reviews and feedback that acknowledges this.  Here are just some of the comments we have had about  our services. If you would like to leave a comment about any of our services, then please contact us

Latest reviews & feedback…

‘Best thing I have done for myself is to come and live in this wonderful home.  I feel secure and if I need help there is always someone ready and willing to help, and you have the choice of mixing with the other residents and Day Centre so there is mostly something you can get involved in, which is better than being on your own all day.  And family can visit whenever they want to and you get a lovely meal each day served in the dining area so you don’t have to worry about cooking which is sometimes a problem.  Just need food for breakfast and your tea time or supper so all around it is wonderful being here – would fully recommend it.’ Tenant at Moorland Court Housing With Care scheme Melbourn 20th February 2019

‘Excellent care home, brilliant management, brilliant staff …fantastic!’ – Family member of a resident at Langdon House Care Home Cambridge 12th February 2019

Reviews – What People Say About Our Care Homes

Alex Wood House Care Home, Cambridge

“I am very reassured that my wife is in good hands. From the very beginning, I’ve noticed that the staff treat her as they would a member of their own family.” “The training that we receive here at CHS enables us to roll out brilliant, quality care.” “I am totally reassured that Sheila is in good hands.  Loving is the word, it’s stronger than care, it’s been absolutely amazing.’

Langdon House Care Home, Cambridge

“The level of care is excellent. I have a lovely room, it’s spacious with a picture window. I have my own furniture and it is very comfortable, it feels like home.” “My sister and I have lived here for almost five years and the level of care is excellent.  It feels like home and it’s my retreat.” “At Langdon House, there’s lots of kindness.  All the staff here are prepared to go the extra mile.” “We would like to make a contribution to your Summer House campaign in recognition of the love and care you provided for Wilf during his time at Langdon House and the support you gave us. Your commitment thoughtfulness and individual care for him will not be forgotten by us. We also appreciated your time, support and advice and your friendship and understanding have been much valued by us and our family.” ‘Excellent care home, brilliant management, brilliant staff …fantastic!’

Vera James House Care Home, Ely

“I was suffering after an operation, and they were looking after me so well here and then I decided that this was the place that I wanted to be for longer, and they all came and welcomed me back – where I belonged.” “The greatest thing about having mum and dad here is that, as a son, I can’t be happier or more reassured that they are receiving good care but, also, as a manager, I am blessed with knowing the greatness of care that the staff are delivering to everybody.” “All the staff are so friendly and kindly.  They are very cooperative together and give you a feeling of security and that they are interested in you as a person.”

Reviews – What People Say About Our Housing With Care Schemes

Dunstan Court Care Home, Cambridge

“They are free to do their own thing within their flat and spend their time as they choose.” “I’m very, very happy.  All the carers are lovely, I’ve got no complaints whatsoever.” “There is a significant amount of residents who benefit from being around people of a similar age and similar experiences and it gives them the opportunity to have a chat and build new friendships.”

Moorlands Court, Melbourn

“I cannot sing the praises of Moorlands too highly. The accommodation is lovely. Each flat is spacious, bright, warm and clean. The staff are sensitive, skilled and compassionate and clearly care deeply about the best interests of the residents. My mother never failed to tell me how happy she was at Moorlands and how well cared for.” “Moving to Moorlands is the best decision I’ve ever made. It has allowed me to remain independent, have peace of mind and make the most of my life.”

Richard Newcombe Court, Cambridge

“People can be as independent as they like, we’re just here for extra support, extra security.” “It feels like you’re part of a community.” “Residents’ families put all their trust into us carers to look after their loved one as best as we can and how they would want them to be looked after themselves, so building up a relationship with our residents is really important.”

Reviews – What People Say About Our Advice & Support Services

Money Matters

“When my mother died of cancer, Money Matters provided advice and support. I’m now in my first job since university, which wouldn’t be possible without Money Matters, they changed my life.”

Help In A Crisis

“It’s improved my mental health and sleeping pattern to have a comfortable bed. Having more floor space in a small room by having the right furniture has helped my stress levels go down and my creativity return. It’s helped me get in the right place to look for full time work again”

Back To Work – New Horizons

“My New Horizons coach has been very helpful, introducing me to different courses to help me in the future, such as an IT course which I passed so now I am more confident with using computers and the internet. I am also now more in control of my money situation and managing my bills and more confident about getting into voluntary work in the future.” “My New Horizons coach is brilliant. She listens and doesn’t talk down to you. She is kind and caring. I love the Chromebook and am learning loads on it. Thanks to my coach I am in a much better place.” “My New Horizons coach is the best…you can talk to them about anything and she listens to you and helps you. It has helped me so much that I would recommend them to people that have money problems.”

Reviews – What People Say About Our Community Support Services

Fenland Young People’s Service, Wisbech

“This project  has helped me get my life back on track. It’s been a challenging time, but with CHS’s help, I’m on my way!”

Railway House, Cambridge

“Railway House helped me better myself beyond my wildest dreams. I was at risk of homelessness when I came here, but now I’ve secured a place at a London university to study event management.” “When moving here I met with a keyworker to complete a support plan. I now have a job at the British Antarctic Survey and have the chance to go to Antarctica for six months.”

Wheatsheaf Close, Ely

“I was homeless before I came here, it just felt like I didn’t have anywhere I could call home.  CHS is brilliant and amazing really, especially for helping young people like myself”

Russell Street, Cambridge

“Russell street is the best place I have ever lived. I am happy as staff really engage with you here”

Corona House, Cambridge

“In 2015 my community nurse introduced me to the Corona community. As soon as I walked in I felt welcome, safe, and in a space where I didn’t have to pretend I was ok. Staff helped me discover so much about myself.” “Corona House was so welcoming, friendly and supportive. During my life I’ve had two children, fought for access and battled cancer. The support has been amazing from Corona. I’m one of the lucky ones.” “When I became homeless I didn’t know who to contact for help. When I found Corona I received the loveliest welcome and support. I always say, never give Corona up, always keep it as a lifeline and always be thankful. I’m so thankful.”

Reviews – What People Say About our Sunflower Nurseries

Sunflower at Cambourne

“I would recommend the nursery, it had done wonders for my son’s development, confidence and thoroughly enjoyed it.” “I honestly can’t say one bad thing about Sunflower @ Cambourne. Both my kids have attended for about a year now. They are happy there.” “Really happy with the care provided for my daughter- if I wasn’t, she wouldn’t still be attending!” “The staff are lovely, welcoming and friendly and the management is fantastic.”

Sunflower At Cambridge

“The staff make a huge effort to make every day different and to do fun and educational activities. Because the nursery is small, they get to know each child well and certainly helped our children work through their terrible twos (!) in an individualised way. The staff show huge pride when the children learn something new, which is evidence of their devotion to them.” “At the end of the day when you pick up your little one and they are content, it gives you that overall satisfaction that staff at the nursery have taken good care of your child during your absence.” “The staff are extremely professional, caring and well trained, and there are many opportunities for feedback and advice. Our son feels safe and happy, and he is thriving.” “Absolutely fantastic nursery. The staff are so friendly, calm, informative and really take the time to tell you about your child’s day. I have absolute confidence in their handling of my son – when he needs more cuddles than usual, I know that they really see to his needs.” “We have been so impressed with every aspect of Sunflower Nursery and our little boy loves attending. The baby room is cosy and inviting with many different stations for curious babies, there is a new and exciting activity for them to discover every day.”

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