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Timebanking – Get Involved

For the past eight years, CHS Group’s Timebanks in Cambourne and Littleport & Ely have been harnessing people’s assets to strengthen the communities they live in. The Timebanks have brought  people together to take part in activities, increasing their local connections, and improving their health and wellbeing.

Timebank members have told us of the positive difference Timebanking has made to their lives, reporting improvements in resilience and wellbeing, and feeling more confident and connected to their local communities.

Over the past eight years, our Timebanks have been externally funded and our current funding, from the National Lottery’s Building Connections Grant, ran until the end of December 2019. Unfortunately it has not been possible to secure further funding to continue running the Timebanks from January 2020.

The feedback we received from the National Lottery was that the Timebanks are well established and thriving, so it is now time to hand them over to their communities to run.

All general Timebank enquiries should be sent to the relevant team and someone will be in touch with you shortly

Littleport & Ely Timebank:

 Cambourne Timebank:

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