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Get Involved – Volunteering

Here at CHS we have many ways for you to get involved and make a difference in the local community

Have you got time to make a difference?

  • Would you like to help improve our services?
  • Would you like to know more about what we do
    and how we do it?
  • Would you like to give something back
    and contribute to improving peoples lives?
  • Would you like to learn new skills
    and meet new people?
  • Would you like to earn time credits while volunteering for CHS?

Smiling young black resident promoting CHS's commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in CHS social housing homes

Customer Involvement Opportunities

Tenant Committee 

What’s involved?  Meet other tenants and have a voice on how CHS is run. You will be required to attend a minimum of 2 meetings a year where we will get your views on how your want services run.

Complaints Panel

What’s involved? This Panel reviews complaints to ensure that solutions are fair and just. Tenants can request that the panel be involved at any time during the complaints process. You will act as a mediator between CHS and tenants to help resolve disputes.

Scrutiny Panel

What’s involved? This panel looks at the services that CHS provides, to ensure that they provide value for money, and how we compare to other Housing Associations.

In 2023 the Scrutiny Panel reviewed CHS’s damp and mould procedures. Click here to read the full report and click here for a summary.

In 2022 the Scrutiny Panel reviewed the responsive repairs service provided by CHS’s heating and boiler contractor Gasway.  Click here to view the full Scrutiny Project – Gasway report and you can read the summary report here

Become an Estate Inspector

What’s Involved? Estate inspectors give us crucial feedback on the condition of their estate and the quality of the work our contractors do for us.

Repairs & Gas Heating

  • Gasway
  • Fosters

What’s involved? Meeting with our contractors to discuss their performance and our plans for the future. Tenants are invited to sit on core groups that examine if contracts are being followed and are providing value for money.  This also helps to build a good rapport with them to ensure a solid relationship

When you volunteer

  • Your time you will be repaid with access to training and learning new skills
  • You will also receive time credits, travel costs and other expenses e.g. child care

We are proud members of TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service)

Homeless Mentor Volunteers – Cambridge City

What do mentor volunteers do?

Mentor volunteers are matched with those experiencing homelessness who have similar interests, hobbies or skills. Social connections can be vital for people who have been homeless to help them stay off the streets. This role enables volunteers to offer more to help people on the streets to make positive changes in their lives.

What will you get in return?

Volunteering with CHS will give you the chance to make a positive difference to the lives of people living on the streets of Cambridge.

You will get the chance to share your interests, hobbies or skills with others, as well as gaining or developing skills in one-to-one relationship building and mentoring.

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