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Gardening Service

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CHS Group delivers a communal gardening service to over one hundred sites that we manage. Each site is very different in many aspects.

  • The site could be a residential property with a small garden or a large care home that has many different types of garden areas to maintain.
  • We create and manage gardens to help residents enjoy being outside for part of their day, where scent and touch are important for their well-being.
  • We have created children’s play areas where a safe environment is most important.
  • We maintain sites that have large meadows that have been planted to encourage insects and flowers to aid the environment – our ecosystem.
  • Mainly the gardens we maintain are within sites for General Needs customers. Usually small cul-de-sacs where we have different shrubs and hedges we help to conserve.
  • The garden plans below show the communal areas our contractors are responsible for maintaining

Delivery of gardening services is dependent on the weather, and so there has to be some flexibility in the agreed dates as well as the agreed works. We will let you know the agreed schedule – though this may be subject to change. You can also see what to expect from the gardening team when they do visit your neighbourhood. If you need to report any gardening issues please telephone CGM directly on 01366 321351. This is a change from phoning the Customer Service Team at CHS Group. This method should be more stream-lined for you as CGM will be able to resolve your query and log the information you provide.

UPDATE – Recovery plan for grounds maintenance

CHS are working in partnership with CGM to help improve the gardening service. We have agreed a plan to help manage the sites that receive this service.

The plan has been agreed because one of the problems has been the conditions of our sites at the start of the contract. We have highlighted sites that require additional gardening and those sites will be attended to by end January 2020.

All additional gardening work will be post inspected by CHS staff, Estate Inspectors and CGM Ltd so that progress and feedback can be reviewed.

This link shows additional gardening due to be delivered up to week commencing 25th November. The list will be updated when new dates have been agreed.

CGM is currently developing a portal so that customers will have access to information regarding:

  • The gardening delivery programme
  • Site pictures taken of ‘before and after’ visits
  • Updated information should a site be missed for any reason

We will update you regarding when the portal will be available, and in the meantime please click here to visit CGM’s website where you can find details of the current programme

The gardening programme started on 4th March 2019 (week 1) and will be delivered on a fortnightly (if grass is present) or monthly (no grass present) basis.

Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 – Notice of proposed changes to the delivery of services from 1 November 2021

The Cambridge Housing Society Limited (CHS) intends to enter into a new long-term agreement for services and is consulting customers about this work.

The services to be provided under these agreements are:

  • Services to be provided are grounds maintenance including grass cutting, shrub maintenance and litter picking

The proposals under this agreement are here:

Proposal for grounds maintenance

If you wish to make any comments on the proposal please e-mail

Garden Information

Grass Cutting

Before the gardeners cut the grass they will remove litter, debris, stones, dog faeces and heavy falls of leaves prior to cutting.

We expect grass to be cut evenly and cleanly without damage to the existing surface.

Flower spikes of grasses, which may occur during periods of extended drought, are removed.

All grass is mown in parallel straight lines, where practicable, so that lawns are left with a neat and tidy appearance

Areas of grass containing naturalised bulbs will not be cut until the leaves form the bulbs have started to die down following flowering. The debris will then be collected and removed for disposal, usually by hand rakes, using the appropriate method of disposal

Cutting shall be deferred whenever weather conditions are such that it is not possible to cut the grass or gain access to it without damaging the grass or the ground surface.

Grass clippings will be removed from the surface after the grass cutting has been completed.

Hedge Maintenance

Our gardening team is responsible for all hedging in communal areas of the site – the hedges to be maintained will be shown on the plan of the site. Trimming will take place a minimum of 3 times per year, usually in May, July and September, depending on weather conditions.

Hedges will have a neat and tidy appearance following cutting and be clipped in such a way as to achieve a straight level appearance along the tops, sides and end.

All clippings will be removed from the hedge and the hedge base cleared of weed growth and raked free of all clippings, litter, leaves and debris.


Once every four weeks our gardening team will remove litter and debris from all external communal areas, including grassed areas, flowerbeds, shrub beds, hedges, car parks, paths and rainwater gullies. At the end of the visit, the areas will be left litter and debris free.


Pruning of shrubs will take place three times a year, usually in May, July and September. All shrubs other than those in flower, will be trimmed to ensure that windows, roadways, footways, entrances, notice boards and numbering systems are not obstructed and that there is no encroachment out of the bed. Sufficient growth will be removed to ensure that the above obstructions do not reoccur before the next scheduled pruning operation. Major pruning of shrubs will take place three times a year, usually in June, August and October to ensure that there is no overall increase in width/height over any 12-month period. Care will be taken to ensure that shrubs in flower or about to come into flower are not pruned until flowering is completed. Each shrub or hedge will be pruned in accordance with good horticultural practice for that species with dead wood pruned out and dead plants removed. This may mean that for specific types of shrubs or hedges, there will need to be less pruning to avoid long term damage to the plant. The finished appearance of the bed should be visually attractive.

Pruning of Climbing Shrubs or Ivy

Pruning of climbing shrubs and ivy on walls will l be carried out three times a year, usually in March, June and October. Any new growth onto walls will be removed.

All climbing plants will be kept clear of roofs.

From March until September any weed growth present in shrub beds and on hard surfaces will be spot treated with weed killer Where this could result in weed killer coming into contact with desirable plants and shrubs , the weed growth will be removed by hand, forking out deeper rooted weeds, saplings etc. where necessary.

Hard Communal Surfaces – Sweeping

Once every four weeks the gardening team will sweep all communal car parks, all communal paths that lead to block entrances to the front and rear of buildings garage areas, drying areas, store shed areas etc. ensuring that all loose material and debris is removed.

Weed and Moss Control on Hard Surfaces

In April, June and September, all weed growth on hard surfaces will be treated with an appropriate weed killer and areas of moss treated to keep such areas clear of moss.

The gardening team will return approximately three weeks after application of the moss treatment to remove and dispose of the dead moss using methods that will not damage the hard surface.

Leaf Clearance

Accumulation of leaves will be removed from paths and steps at every visit. Between September and December inclusive the grass and perimeters will be cleared of all leaves.

Powered leaf clearing and leaf blowing equipment may be used. Heaps of leaves will be cleared on the same day that they are collected and not left on site.


Tree maintenance is not currently part of the gardening maintenance contract.

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