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Community Support Services – Coronavirus Donations Needed

Massive thank you to The Besom in Cambridge for some amazing donations this week that have been distributed to all our services – 3/6/20



Huge thanks again to the wonderful people at C3 Church in Cambridge who have donated a ton of delicious home made meals and food – we are so grateful! – 29/5/20

Our ‘donation heros’ this week are Abel & Cole who are donating fruit and veg boxes to each of our services every week for 6 weeks! 15/5/20

A massive heart felt thanks to everyone who has responded so quickly and generously to our donations appeal – the response has exceeded our expectations.  Many donations arrived anonymous so sadly we can’t thank donors personally but those we can publicly thanks include, C3 Church in Cambridge, St Barnabas Church Cambridge, the Wisbech/Fenland community, CCORRN, Velocity CommerceCambridge 105 and Conscious Communications.    Please continue to check out our weekly list to see if you or someone you know is able to help 8/5/20

Why we really need your help

The Coronavirus has proved to be challenging for everyone, but sadly it is hitting our young people very hard:

Isolation – Many of our young people are more isolated than usual due to financial and movement constraints

Financial hardship – unable to work and not being able to ask family and friends for help, our young people are hit more than ever

Mental Health – many of our young people already experience poor mental health and the current increase in isolation and lack of things to do is having a huge impact on their mental well-being

We all know, life as a young person is tougher now than it has ever been, and most young people can rely on family and friends to help them through tough times. Sadly, most of our young service users don’t have a support network to rely on and this impacts massively on how they see themselves in the world and their future potential. We want to raise donations so that we can help and support our young people through this very difficult period so that they come out of this crisis stronger and more resilient. Sometimes a little bit of help at just the right time, is all it takes to make a huge difference in life.

If you would like to make a financial donation then please visit our JustGiving page – if you would like your donation to go to a specific service then please include the service name in your donation message and we will make sure your donation goes where it is intended.

Thank You

Please note that all the photos on this website were taken before social distancing rules were introduced

Do you have any donations you could spare?

Donations can be dropped off at the service between 12 – 4pm whilst observing social distancing and please call the service beforehand.

This weeks wish list – w/e 19th June

Railway House, Cambridge – 01223 578603

  • PS4 games and a PS4 controller
  • Noise cancelling headphones as one of our residents is struggling with her college work as the libraries are closed 
  • Football Table game
  • Meal kits and baking kits as residents are enjoying cooking as a group
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Board games, puzzles, chess, word search books
  • BBQ

120, Cambridge – 01223 364390

  • Badminton racquets
  • Outdoor table/picnic bench
  • TV for a young person who is shielding due to a health condition
  • Gazebo
  • X box games
  • Exercise mats
  • Mini (counter top) fridge

Russell Street, Cambridge – 01223 578604 

  • Fans

Corona House, Cambridge 01223 369125

Wheatsheaf Close, Ely 01353 663999

  • Soil for a veg patch
  • Food – ingredient boxes some residents can make homemade meals and do some baking  
  • Any spare bikes

Fenland Young People’s Service, Wisbech – 01945 474616

  • Fairy lights to make the outdoor space nicer to sit in
  • Freeview box
  • Ping pong table
  • Ipad minis

204, Wisbech – 01945 589942

  • Nail kits, beauty supplies, toiletries



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