CHS encouraged me to work my way up…

Andrew Siano, Manager at Langdon House, started working for CHS as a caretaker. With the support and offer of training from CHS he has managed to work his way up to management level and now manages CHS’s residential care home, Vera James House in Ely.

‘When I started with CHS as a carer, I had no experience in the care sector at all. But CHS are always keen to promote staff from within and offer training to those who want to further their careers. I saw how much the staff within the residential homes cared for all the residents and how rewarding the work could be. Everyone that works within a care facility has to get on well with the residents and I started to build up a rapport with a lot of the residents. That’s when I realised that I might make a good carer and wanted to work my way up.’

All CHS staff get basic care and awareness training so for those that want to step up, the transition is easy and there is a lot of support available. ‘It seemed like the logical way for me to go. CHS are very encouraging to anyone that wants to take on extra training and apply for other positions within the company.’

Andrew now uses his extensive knowledge of CHS care homes and each of the positions he has held within the company, to lead and organise the team at Vera James House. Clare Robinson, manager at Langdon House, where Andrew was deputy manager, said: “Andrew is a great addition to the management team at Vera James. It definitely helps that he has been with the organisation a long time and knows it inside and out. It’s a real advantage to be able to promote staff from within, which is why we always encourage it.”