It’s been a 100% change for the best for both of us…

Prior to moving into one of our Extra Care Schemes last year, Mrs Smith was in need of daily care and due to her mental health, needed someone with her 24 hours a day as she would become very distressed if left alone for any period of time. As a result of this, Mr Smith had been caring for his wife 24 hours a day with very limited social interaction. Mrs Smith was in receipt of two care calls per day but in her husband’s words ‘they were always in and out in a rush’.

Following their move to Extra Care, Mrs Smith now has four calls a day from the care team who assist with personal care, medication, meal preparation and housekeeping. This has taken a lot of stress away from Mr Smith who can now enjoy the company of other tenants on coffee mornings as well as lunch every day with these new friends.

Mr Smith said ‘it has been a 100% change for the better for both of us. It’s good to know the carers are around – I can go out sometimes and my wife is much more accepting of this, knowing she has the support when I’m not here’. Mrs Smith’s needs haven’t changed, but she is now receiving the care and support relevant to those needs. We also provide a sit-in service which allows Mr Smith some quality time to do something for himself.