As part of our Digital Strategy, and in line with our Corporate Objective to provide excellent services that respond to our customers’ needs, CHS recently introduced Nourish, an electronic care management platform, to our three residential care homes.

This platform enables our care teams to plan, record, report and co-ordinate care whilst on the go. Staff can now record more accurate details in less time and the information is shared across the whole team. For example, where people require monitoring for fluid intake, the system automatically adds quantities when staff enter information on the system and makes alerts if people are not having enough to drink. Daily notes writing is speeded up and handovers and risk assessments are automated. There is also a reduction in paperwork such as separate charts and medication paperwork.

Early results show improved productivity, a reduction in errors and staff and manager’s time is freed up – allowing them to focus on quality care rather than administrative tasks. There is a better work balance for staff, allowing more time with residents and less on administration, increasing job satisfaction, and improved quality of personal care and activities for residents. Nourish has therefore not been used to reduce our costs but to improve service quality for increasingly frail residents. Beryl Gillespie, Head of Older People’s Services said ‘Nourish saves time, but it’s what we are able to do with that time that really matters – more time to actually care for people’.